Who Am I

Blue sky.  Wisps of clouds.  I bet you feel better already.

My name is David Saphier.  I began my career at Bell Labs.  A few years later I founded a successful software company and  sold it at an early age. Then with my advanced degrees in computer science and math, I decided to seize the moment to become a stay at home dad to my two young boys.

During this time friends often asked for assistance with their tech issues.  I always said yes. I found the best products and  prices to meet their needs.  I set up their hardware, installed their software, and helped train and troubleshoot.

Now with my kids all grown up, I’m back in business to help you.  From your living room to your home office, I can consult, purchase, install and troubleshoot everything from HDTVs and entertainment systems, to computers, software, networks, and phone systems … basically,  contact me about anything  that plugs into a wall, runs on batteries, or operates on a computer.  More information on my services can be found here.

If you want to know more about me, and my past professional career, you can find it here.