davidDavid Saphier, Founder, Tech Concierge NYC

BS Computer Science and Mathematics, Vanderbilt University
MS Computer Science, University of Colorado

Member, Technical Staff, Bell Laboratories
Led team for the development of CAD tools for the design of microprocessors.

Founder & CEO, Triton Technologies, Inc.
Founded, led, and sold a profitable multi-million dollar, award winning software company.  Created one of the first software applications for direct PC-to-PC communication and file sharing.

Division President, Artisoft.
Led the communication software division of Artisoft, Inc. Responsible for development, marketing, sales and P&L operations.

Director, Mergers and Acquisitions, Heinemann & Company.
Introduced partners, evaluated companies, and negotiated M&A agreements for clients in the technology sector.

Business Consultant, 180 Sunshine Corp.
Provided financial and technical evaluation and planning for investment groups and early stage companies.

Something about my personal background:
Married.  Two children.  Avid reader, cook, writer (published) and artist (exhibited).  Former marathon runner.  Since 2006, a volunteer Rape and Domestic Violence Advocate (NY State Certified) for Crime Victims Treatment Center (CVTC).  I train and Mentor new advocates for CVTC.  I also started a counseling program for CVTC survivors who have financial issues.  I have also volunteered with Help Portrait, a global movement of photographers, makeup artist and hair stylists using their time, tools and expertise to give back to those in need.  I have worked with them on their technology setup and implementing efficient workflow procedures between clients, photographers, and editors to ensure a smooth operation with minimal backup and waiting time.

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