For many years, I  postponed upgrading the technology in my home. The DSL connection was decades out-of-date. My work spaces were depressing and the home theater was a joke. For help, I finally turned to  David  at Tech Concierge, and everything quickly clicked into place. For a very reasonable upfront investment, I ended up with faster broadband, excellent work displays, a very agreeable entertainment solution, stable internet throughout the home and lower monthly bills. In retrospect, I should have acted sooner. Pride and procrastination got in my way. I couldn’t be happier with Tech Concierge. ” – Neil, New York City

David intelligently approached my needs for an overhaul of my telephone system and the replacement of my television set. He was familiar with the best brands, was conscious of saving money, stayed with me and helped me figure it all out. Then he installed my new equipment perfectly. He had novel ideas about how to make everything work and tried in all ways to meet my needs and desires. He also fixed our WiFi to reach every corner of our apartment. I highly recommend him for help with computers, phones, television sets and anything else that seems technologically daunting.” – C.A., New York City

I promised to send over my contact for a sweet and very competent IT professional – David at Tech Concierge. He is rocking my world and is reasonably priced (and doesn’t work longer than needed or get you to buy stuff you don’t need).” – Jamie Y., Brooklyn, NY

I run a small real estate management firm, and my workflow was not working for me.  I heard about David at Tech Concierge NYC from a friend.  He recommended some new equipment, found the best price – it cost me a lot less than I thought it would. David did the complete set up, and trained me on its operation.  It was an easy, hassle free experience.”   – Brooke, New York City

David really saved us at Help Portrait with both the technology setup and, more importantly, streamlining the workflow. His knowledge, support and kindness made him the perfect man for the job.  I felt so lucky having him work with us.”  – Kendra, Brooklyn, NY

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