Control your inbox with Gmail filters

Overtime I have subscribed to many newsletter and get many promotional emails from places where I’ve made purchases.  I like to keep all this email separate from the email I receive from friends, family or is business related.  There is an easy, incremental way to do this using Gmail filters.
Here are the 10 easy steps:
1) Open the promotional email.
2) Click on More at the top of the page.
3) Select Filter messages like these.
4) A dialog box will open.  Click on Create filter with this search (bottom right corner).
5) Click on Apply the label.
6) Click on Choose label.
7) The first time you do this you choose New label. I titled my folder “All Promos“. Click Create.
8) Next, near the bottom of the dialog box check Also apply label to matching messages.
9) Check Skip the Inbox near the top of the dialog box.
10) Finally, click Create filter.
When you want to include email from another source in All Promos, you do all the steps except at Choose label (Step 7), you choose “All Promos”.
You can repeat this process for any other category you choose, like newsletters.
By checking “Skip the Inbox”, these messages will not show up in your Inbox, so be sure to check these new folders for new email.
Note that Gmail can be set up to sort out promotional email without these steps.  However, what I’ve outlined is applicable to any category you wish to set up.  I also like having control over which messages I send directly to the All Promo folder and which I allow to show up in my inbox.

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