Painless Backup

If you’re like me and don’t fully automate backing up your computer, it doesn’t get backed up for weeks, months or maybe a year.  It is easy to do these days and it is only getting easier.  Here’s a great article from Walt Mossberg, formerly of the Wall Street Journal and now with Re/Code, on how to easily automate the process.

If you have a Mac, Time Machine should be a no brainer.  In addition, he recommends adding a cloud backup service.  Up until now the problem has been that the services for this have been expensive, if you have a large amount of data, and many services do not backed up external hard drives.

Enter BackBlaze, a cloud based service that cost $5/month with unlimited storage (Yes! Unlimited!)  and the ability to backup all your hard drives.  You set it up once, it works in the background and that’s it (until you need to restore a file or all your files.)

Check out the article here.

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